Cerveja Letra 6th Anniversary

6 years ago, in october 2013, the first batch of Letra beer was brewed to be placed on the market!

After these years we have more than 100 labels launched in 4 different ranges. There have already been more than 600 batches of beer produced and many national and international partnerships. In addition, 3 spaces dedicated to craft beer: Letraria – Brewpub in Vila VerdeLetraria – Craft Beer Garden no Porto e Letraria – Craft Beer Library in Braga and 2 anual festivals dedicated to promote the beer culture:Hopen – Braga Beer Festival” e “Letra Harvest Fest”.

– SÁBADO, DIA 26 DE OUTUBRO SERÁ DIA PARA CELEBRAR! Festejaremos ao 6º aniversário da Letra com todos os que gostam de cerveja artesanal, de convívio e dos sabores do minho!

The activities start at 2pm with an environmental walk with free entrance, with the objective of socializing and relaxing in the charms of Vila Verde and cleaning the route. Each participant aims to fill a bag with garbage they find on the way, this initiative is promoted in partnership with “Vila Verde a corre” and “Desassossego Ambiental”.

Around 5pm it will be time to sing happy birthday, in which all those present will be entitled to a slice of cake and to exclusively taste the Harvest&Friends 2019 beer brewed by the Letra Harvest Fest participants. From this moment on, there will be traditional games for kids and adults. At the same time, there will be beer talks and at 6pm the screening of the documentary: “First Round: Portuguese Craft Beer” by Catarina Neves. As the afternoon approaches, it's time for the “Magusto com Vira à Minhota”, followed by the music of concertinas and a “dance foot”. At 7pm, the AESAcademy Chefs' appreciated showcooking moments begin, where the fire pit and the traditional pots will be the stars in the improvised open-air kitchen. From 9pm, musical moments are reserved, starting with the concert of “On the Road”, a trio from Braga with Rock, Blues and Funk influences from the 70s/80s and ending with a Dj Set. Participation in the anniversary of LETRA has a cost of 10€ and includes pork sandwiches on a skewer (at description) and 2 beers. 


2pm Environmental walk (free entrance)
5pm Cerveja Letra's Anniversary: Slice the cake and toast with Letra Harvest&Friends 2019  
5.30pm Tradicional games 
6pm Documentary "First Round: Portuguese Craft Beer" by Catarina Neves
6.30pm Magusto with Vira Minhoto (concertinas)
7pm Chefs no Espeto promoted by AESAcademy
9pm Concert: On The Road
11pm DJ Set
2am Closing

You are all invited to a day full of activities and music, accompanied by the best Minho cuisine and the best craft beer! Come out!  


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