Bicho do Mato, nice to meet you!

Bicho do Mato is personality and beer. Personality of the cooker Ljubomir Stanisic and a drink created by him, in partnership with Cerveja Letra.

This new Yugoslavian-most-Portuguese-ever drink is 100% natural but also 100% special. Special of “spicy”, but also seasoned with the head, trunk and limbs of the enfant terrible of Portuguese gastronomy, which added to the alphabet of malts and hops its ras-el-hanout (a spice that is a mixture of many others, of Moroccan origin). With a label by Hélio Falcão, it is a full-bodied, robust, balanced and even unusual craft beer (with a citrus and tropical aroma). It is Ljubo taken to the Letter – hard to chew, but easy to drink.

The beer was presented in Santa Margarida da Serra, in Grândola, at the “Festa da Serra” on January 6, 2019. Ljubo, the paradigm of Bicho do Mato, transformed the usual annual snack, offered by the Parish Council to its inhabitants , at a banquet for about 200 people.

The community got involved with the aim of raising funds for the recovery of the parish church and collecting food and clothing to support the most needy population, and many contributed ingredients and work to this solidarity conviviality. From pumpkins to bread, from goats to potatoes, from steaks to chicken, the party was made for everyone, with the voluntary participation of friends and cooks, such as chef Hugo Nascimento, from the Quina group (Tasca, Peixaria and Padaria da Esquina), and part of the kitchen team at 100 Maneiras. Because a Bug from Mato never comes alone…

Bicho do Mato can be tasted at the two bars in Letra (Porto and Vila Verde), at the 100 Maneiras restaurant and soon at various beer outlets across the country.


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