Letra beer will internationalize the brand in an adventure with more than 6000 kilometers made by motorhome.

Cerveja Letra marks the beginning of its internationalization with a 20-day trip, 6000 kilometers through 7 countries, with many beer barrels scattered across Europe. With the name “Letra Brew & Beyond” this project aims to promote the brand internationally, create business bridges with distributors and intermediaries, and also produce new craft beers in collaboration with renowned brands from Spain, France and Belgium. The departure is planned on February 27 at 18:30 from Vila Verde, passing through Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. On this route, the stops will be to carry out Literary tastings in craft beer bars and also to participate in two festivals, one in France and the other in Spain.

There are three crew members of the beer caravan, Filipe Macieira the founding partner and brewer of the brand, Diogo Matos responsible for sales in the foreign market and Maria Fernandes, a friend of the brand who neither consumes nor appreciates beer but accepted the challenge to follow them and become a beer expert in just 20 days. The adventure will have daily updates with photos and videos on the Letra Brew & Beyond facebook page, so that all the brand's followers can also be part of this adventure.

Filipe Macieira, one of the founding partners of the brand, says that “this trip had already been conceived in 2013, but at that time it was not yet the ideal time to reap the best fruits, currently with the line of beers matured in Port wine barrels, Letra on Oak, the impact of the brand will be different”. After 6 years since the idea, behold, the brand will be exposed in the European market.

For the year 2019, the brewers of Letra promise several novelties as stated by Francisco Pereira: “this year we intend to launch a new website with online sales and a new image, the opening of a new Letraria next to the Cathedral of Braga and the creation of a mobile point promotion, bringing Letra even closer to its customers”.


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