Cerveja Letra relaunches the Baylet collab

Baylet is the name of the beer produced by the Minho region Letra in collaboration with the Asturian brewers of Bayura. The combination of the two brands gave rise to the name that, with a sound so similar to the word ballet, served as the inspiration for the illustration of the bottle, which featured a man with a thick beard dressed as a ballerina performing a ballet step.

The first edition of this beer was produced in 2015 and now, in 2021, Letra relaunches this collab with the launch of a promotional video on social media. The video is the result of a collaboration between the brand and the “Break Dance” dancer André Hércules, who embodies a biker who transforms into a dancer when he tastes beer.

Filipe Macieira, responsible for Letra, says that the goal was to “make a funny video where a character with a tough look turns into a dancer when he tastes the beer. I spoke with André, who has features very similar to the dancer who appears on the label, and he accepted the challenge and we immediately started to conjure scenarios in our heads. From there André drew the entire video in his head and we just had to make it.”

“Baylet – the beer that takes you to the other side” is the slogan that appears at the end of the video and that serves as a challenge to the consumer to try the beer that, after the first sip, will arrest you due to its intensity.

For those who still don't know, Baylet is a double IPA produced with lots of hops and rye, in an explosion of flavors and aromas where sweet and bitter are always competing on the palate, but where the bitterness ends up winning.

It can be found all over the country in specialty beer shops such as Letrarias (Vila Verde, Braga, Porto), Catraio Craft Beer Shop (Porto) or Lovecraft Beershop (Lisbon, Aveiro) and also in the online store at www.cervejaletra.pt

Veja aqui o vídeo.

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