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This is the story of a land with beautiful natural landscapes, traditions and devotions that inspired a collection filled with that lame and quirky kind of love, focused on details and perspectives.

“Minho Perspectives” are cans of beers produced in small batches and very limited editions that join our Letra range. Labels of affection and well-being for our region, with images of physical and immaterial spaces, as a tribute to the natural and historical wealth of this land.

In Minho there are routes of the Caminho de Santiago, stage of emblematic events, fairs and pilgrimages. It's a land of historical monuments, good gastronomy and people from the north for whom a beer is always good.

As a tribute to our land of traditions, devotions and green landscapes, Cerveja Letra decided to launch a limited edition collection of labels that values our roots.

These beers will come out of our fermenters full of freshness and divine flavors, so let's raise our glasses (in this case the cans!!) to the summer dancers, to the stray songs and to the Minho flavors that are from our Portugal!

By this time, we're loaded with cans of the tastiest beers, which are part of the limited edition with special labels, (Minho Perspectives), which joins our base range of Letters.

The first release is RELIEF (relief in English) and the image of the label was captured at the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Alívio in Vila Verde. The beer is a Double IPA DDH (Double Dry Hopped). 


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