Este Natal há queijo com toque de Cerveja… e não só!

It's already known that Letra has the habit of developing beers with different aromas and flavors and many of them are made in partnership with other brands. The Christmas season is very important for the company and the focus is on presenting customers with unique consumer experiences with different products where beer is the key ingredient. This year we decided to innovate and launch new products inspired by the ideas we brought back from our travels in Europe:

– Goat cheese cured with beer, coated with hops, in partnership with Lactimercados

– Dreche cookies: cookies made with beer malt residues in partnership with A Vizinha

– Beer "Folar": made with Oatmeal Stout beer – Letra C in partnership with Casa do Folar Limiano de Ponte de Lima

Regarding cheese, Francisco and Filipe challenged the Vilaverdense Lactimercados cheese factory and jointly developed a cheese for beer lovers. The idea was to incorporate beer and the hop flower in the product formulation. Several tests were carried out and after 6 months of research and development, a goat cheese matured with India Pale Ale – Letra F beer, known for being more bitter and aromatic. A cheese that promotes a unique sensory experience. First, it stands out for the green appearance of its husk due to the use of hop flower and when the package is opened, an intense fruity and floral hop aroma is immediately felt.


Letra wants to be present this Christmas, either at the Christmas table or under the pine tree as a gift to offer to friends or family. These new products will be on sale online or in Letraria spaces (Braga, Porto or Vila Verde) or in the different pop-up stores that the brand presents in shopping centers in the region (Braga Parque, MarShopping and Parque Nascente).


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