New canned beer: PEACE OF MIND

Peace in the liquid state!

PEACE OF MIND is an IPA Session with pineapple and lots of hops. This very limited edition is presented with the combination of pineapple pulp with the DDH combination of Motueka, Rakau and Citra Cryo hops. It is suggested to enjoy it in silence and on hot days, where you can experience an unusual peace of mind. 

This beer fits into the Minho Perspectives collection where the labels allude to detailed perspectives in a photographic record of our Minho region. In the case of PEACE OF MIND the name was inspired by the experience of drinking this beer with eyes closed and the photograph was taken at Praia Fluvial da Malheira in Vila Verde, a popular place to take a dip, relax and find that peace of mind. 

Só há 260 latas de 44cl, por isso convidamos-te a pegar numa PEACE OF MIND e vires conhecer mais a nossa região terminando numa visita à nossa fábrica.


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