Nova cerveja em Lata: PORCELAIN

You have to be bold to try the new PORCELAIN from the Minho Perspectives collection!

An IPA with DDH from Azzaca and Idaho 7 that gives it an exciting fusion of tropical and citrus aromas. A beer made in collaboration with the Norwegian beer brand – Badin – and inspired by childhood memories such as playing with the typical “water whistles”. This picture was taken at the Brinquedo and Brincadeira museum in Vila Verde. 

Limited edition!

About Badin: 
Bådin was founded in 2012 by six friends with a common passion for good beer. The plan was initially to produce beer that could be sold in a pop-up bar once a month, but they soon realized that it would involve a lot of work and little income, so the original plan was tweaked.
A used 800 liter brewery was acquired and the beer we produced was sold in local bars and restaurants. Until the hiring of a full-time brewer in 2015, all work was done on a voluntary basis. They have since expanded to now have four full-time employees as well as increasing production capacity.

About Apito d'Água - portuguese tradicional toy 

Apito D'Água is a musical instrument made of clay on a potter's wheel. The objective is to fill the product with water and blow, imitating the sound of a bird. Today the water whistle reappears in the form of a little bird – Passarinhos de Portugal. Made in a potter's wheel and molded by hand, it's baked in the sun and later in a muffle. It can be hand-painted, traditionally with bright vivid colors, with acrylic paint or glazed, returning to the muffle to bake the painting.
When introducing water, the air blown into it makes the water agitate, changing the sound of the whistle and transforming it into a musical sound.
For the youngest, this instrument is an artistic object, a musical instrument and can be used for therapeutic purposes.


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