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Letra Music Sessions is part of a cultural event promoted by Letra beer, which takes place in its official establishments: Letraria – Brewpub de Vila Verde and in Letraria – Craft Beer Porto.

“A commercial space must be a dynamic place that encourages new consumer experiences”. It was with this perspective that Letra beer decided to create the evenings 'Letra Music Sessions’, because in addition to the brewing and gastronomic experiences available in our Letrarias, we also wanted to offer cultural experiences.

This tender initiative began on the 20th of October of this year, with the event “COOLTOURALL 2018”, in which various artistic performances were presented in the afternoon: from classical music, painting, photography and dance, at the Municipal library of Vila Verde, in collaboration with the Bullire Association. To end the day, the Letraria Brewpub in Vila Verde received the artist Rita Franklin, who presented Folk, Blues and Rock music genres. At the beginning of November we received Lamansarda – Italian alt-folk band and, at the end of the month, Dário Rocha – renowned classical guitar musician from Viana do Castelo.

For December, on the 20th, we will inaugurate the ‘Letra Music Sessions’ at Letraria – Craft Beer Porto, with the presence of Sofia Vitoria, who will present us with a live music session. On Saturday, the 22nd, we had the presence of Segey Onischenko from 'Make Like a Tree Band' who will visit the Letraria – Brewpub de Vila Verde to spread your Indie-Folk music. We have more than good reasons to join us. So stay tuned for our events that are being released on our social media. And of course, we are always open to your suggestions of bands that you would like to see in our Letrarias. 


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