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#LetraCraftTrials is the new range of products from another dimension! A range with the boldest brewing experiences, focusing on the intensity of ingredients. 

The loneliness of our Hoppy GIn made us think about creating new companions for him:

– Cocoa Imperial Stout B.A: An Imperial Stout that has aged in Port wine barrels, where cocoa from Ghana has been added. It has an intense roasted malt flavor with aromas of wood and port.

– Spontan Blueberry Sour Ale: This beer spontaneously fermented in oak barrels with local blueberries. It presents high acidity and intense aroma of fruit and wood.

– Kiwi Berliner Weisse:  This beer was aged in Moscatel do Douro barrels where Minho kiwis were added. A complex, acidic and refreshing Berliner Weisse.

– 100% apple cider and artisanal cider produced with the Starking Reineta and Porta da Loja varieties. This cider has a refreshing taste, smooth acidity in balance with notes of vanilla from an oak stage after fermentation.

There are 4 new products tested by bearded scientists that promise to satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs and open minds to the most inexperienced!


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