Sidra 100% maçãs portuguesas

The second edition of 100% portuguese apples cider is available again!

This cider has a refreshing taste, smooth acidity in balance with notes of vanilla from an oak stage after fermentation. It's another product that is part of the #LetraCraftTrials range. It's in this range that Beer Letra gives wings to creative experiences on a smaller scale using new ingredients or processes! In this second edition, as usual, the cider has been improved according to the feedbacks obtained from the first edition, revealing a much smoother and easier to drink cider. A great option for these summer days!

Now available in our Letrarias: Braga, Porto and Vila Verde. For online orders of a minimum of 12 units, when you enter the promotional code SIDRA you receive a gift 2 ciders plus free shipping! Only until July 31st! Enjoy!

This cider was tested by bearded cientists!


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